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Mega Man 7
4 19%
Mega Man X
11 52%
Mega Man X2
2 10%
Mega Man X3
4 19%
Voters: 21.
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I was going through a newspaper, and someone was selling a super nintendo with 6 games!

I already have the nintendo, so I bought the games, which were:

Super mario world
Zelda: a link to the past
Mega man 7
Mega man X
Mega man X2
Maga man X3
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EDIT: i voted 'Mega Man X2'
i have no idea what it is..
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buy it quick, X2 and X3 sell for a lot on ebay
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Play Zelda dude. Coolest game ever for back in the day.

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I think it was X3 i played for like... a week straight once, so I picked it.
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buy it quick, X2 and X3 sell for a lot on ebay

X3 for 80.00$ on ebay! sell that bitch.
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none megaman is the gayest game ever and i hate it.... i one bought 20 of them and smashed them with a hammer and then pissed on them
Go hardcore play em ALL!
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