Some covers I did with a few musicians at my music school "Rockstar Music"

1st vid:

Revelation (Mother Earth) by Ozzy Osbourne..there are no guy singers at the school who can do ozzy justice so unfortunetly we were stuck with a girl singer

2nd vid:

Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani.. same premise. Me and a few musicians playing the song. This was about a year ago

Oh and I'm the guitarist by the way.


Comming soon : Transylvania by Iron Maiden
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Man, that is VERY well done.
Sounds really good.
Where do you go to for school? I live in Ontario, so any chance I can get in on this?
well it's a music school in my town (Bolton) so yea if your anywhere near it you can join up. It's a great school with a great stage.. as you can see