Hi guys. Would appreciate some help if you could.
I play a 70's reissue Jazz Bass through a Ashdown perfect 10 30W amp.
I'm trying toget a full yet flatt bass tone like that of a semi-hollow or Rickenbacker but how can I do this? also there is a mssive difference in sound and volume between the top 2 strings, How can I help stop this? Some people have told me to buy a distortion, a limiter and a EQ? Any suggestions?
massive difference you say?
possibly could be pickup placement, they may be to high on one side and really low on the other side
new amp you say? I know it aint that good but I was on a budget and restricted to how loud I can play (the reason for a 30w). Hasnt got much sound options EQ wise

and to answer a question earlier I dont have split pickups. Its a jazz bass so it has 2 single pickups

The pickup placement is how it was when bought new. So they are level.

Thanks for your help so far, carry on.....
You could get a better, potential more powerful combo and just keep the volume down.

Not sure about the pickups. TBH I would need to look over all your gear to try and find the source of the problem.
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I've never, ever heard someone use Rickenbacker and semi-hollow in the same sentence like that. However, I feel that much of the sound comes through the actual radiating surface of the speaker - for example, I repurposed my dad's old record player preamp/power amp to be a bass amp (i.e. 25W 210 stack) and it can get an even sound, while my Fender Rumble 15 can't.
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