I know I am. As a Rock fan for years, I can't help but notice that Mainstream Rock is possibly the most repetitive genre, and gets old after you hear it twice. Basically, I'm tired of hearing the same old **** on the radio everyday, and I feel like there are an abundance of bands out there that should be getting more plays than they do. Not going to start a huge Nickelback controversy, but isn't it a bit much when I can find a song by them being played on 4 different stations, sometimes at the same time?

I used to listen to the radio religiously, but now, it's just so hard to when it's all the same. Anyone else feel like this?
I never listen to the radio, for that very reason.

There is good music out there, though. You just have to look for it.

And I'm gonna stop right there, because this thread will probably turn into a massive argument.
Mainstram music has definitely gotten a lot worse the last ten years. I don't know why, it's not because of the music quality has gotten worse (because there are still good and inventive bands out there), but I guess the more inventive music often gets signed to indie labels, either because they don't want to get associated with the mainstream industry or because the mainstram industry don't want to get associated with them.

Personally I think mainstream labels will soon be at an end. With new ways to get your music out there (like YouTube, Myspace, or release a la Radiohead) bands and artists won't be forced to rely on mainstream labels as much and as a result, mainstream labels will slowly falter. I actually have high hopes fo the future music buissness.

Also, this post will probably be of no use as this thread will be closed anytime soon.
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I agree, but usually I just plain and simple don't listen to the radio like IHATECHILDREN said. Also I find one or two obscure stations that play really good music from non famous musicians. Probably some of the best stuff i've heard you just gotta look for good music.
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I'm tired of people bitching about the mainstream. Get over it.

Listen to music you like, who cares what everybody else is listening to?
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Why shouldn't people complain about mainstream music? The radio is a great way of listening to music, but it's impossible to get any variety out of it nowadays. If you want something changed, you can't just keep quiet about it.
^But the thing is we don't really need it changed. I mean you can usually find good music just by looking a little or you could bring your own CD's. So really radio doesn't have to be good, good music is still available and fairly easy to attain so long as a little effort and though it put in. So most of us aren't complaining.
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If good music is so easily found by using the internet, then why are there tons of good bands not getting the fans and sales they deserve and being dropped by their labels?
I'm going to say only this on the subject:

I agree, radio is stale now.

I am far more passionate about the issue, but I'm not gonna start an argument.
As it has been said before, just look a litte beyond radio and there are wonderful bands that are actually very big, but dont get much radio play. Like Phish, they got didn't get too much radio play, but they still became one of the biggest bands ever, how? by people looking a little past radio.
its not so much im sick of mainstream radio, cause it was good like what 10-15 years ago, im sick of the repetiveness of the music and lack of innovative and creative music being exhibited, for the most part its the same 20 or 30 bands that get played ranging from the 1960s-today
Radio stations all play the same thing because they've all been bought up by media comglomerates like Clear Channel Communications and Cumulus Media. It's a lot cheaper to come up with one lowest-common-denominator playlist, than pay individual DJ's at every station.

And no, radio didn't magically turn to crap in the past few years, it's been crap since before most of us were born.
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I used to love listening to the radio too. I think it's helpful to try and find new music and new bands that are just starting to recieve airplay (like Evans Blue who I first hear about 2 years ago.) But lately, they only play a few bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and Breaking Benjamin.

I really enjoy going on iTunes/Myspace Music/Purevolume and trying to find my own music, and it's how I've found alot of it, but I used to love the radio cause I thought it did a good job of introducing me to new bands. It doesn't anymore. It's just the same old songs over and over. And the person who said it's because of Clear Channel Communications is absolutely right. It's the man who ruined the radio (though some people are claiming the radio was ruined long ago.)
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What surprises me the most these days is that most of that rap produced these days is far more creative than most of the rock acts. That's rather strange. Black power!
Radio is a way for ppl to listen to the popular music out there. Mainstream music is one of the best ways to get heard and thats what bands want nowadays. Whats interesting is some of the bands i listen to would kill to be played on a popular radio station or even just a rock station in general. This is mostly based because these bands arent radio friendly and dont have 3-4 min songs. Mainstream is for a certain type of band or artist and for some rock bands to get there and be played is a benefit to them and the fact that they write what sells. Thats what radio is and it will never change. There are also stations out there that play good metal/rock u just have to look. These are mostly college stations.
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