So i've been coming across the video on youtube people say that something satanic is behind the video. I refused to believe it so I just didn't watch the video not out of fear but I just felt it was stupid. Until yesterday my cousins came over and they were watching it and made me watch it. I did it out of my own will to settle my curiosity. So after it was over we were discussing the video. We settled a few facts. One the childrens music throughout it changes quite a bit indicating possible subliminal messages. The transvestite man with polio was a distraction in my opinion. The face in the beggining and the sounds at the end. But of all the commentaries on other websites we can only see that they are saying that it's a satanic group of transvestites in brazil and germany and possibly another country. If this video has something to do with that we are not sure. But we have all gotten a sort of chill over us after watching the video and whenever we discuss it we seem to feel as if we are being watched. Another thing to keep in mind is while we may just see it as a stupid video consider that your sub conscious picks up everything. So maybe something about the video makes you want to watch it again and try to figure out. I honestly feel something is up with this video. Please don't watch it if you feel something. Or if you feel some threat or scared at any point I advise you to jst turn it off and stay fresh in your mind. But anybody that would like to help me find out more answers please post comments and your opinions.

Here is the video for refrence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thq6248lYVs
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Dude ---

I fucking hate that video.

Keep that away from me.

whats wrong with it?
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I didn't say watch it my friend only if you want to help me and my cousins out with this because we are like all having different thoughts on this and wanted to see what a big community would say.
i think you put the wrong vid on.....the one was a "thing" tap dancing to music that was annoything as hell............wait...is it the right vid?
It was one of the strangest things I've seen. I'm sorta interested in getting to the bottom of it's significance though.
You SOAB! I'm having nightmares because of that video!
Damn that little girl is creepy as ****!

it's a resume of the 1988 "The Goddess Bunny documentary".
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Wiggy = legend.

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