Christmas is coming and i want to swap out my humbuckers with some P90's iv'e narrowed it down to some gibsons or bareknuckles humbucker sized models.
What P90's would be better:
Im looking for something thats closer to a humbucker than a single coil but still retains single coil bite and isn't as hot as a humbucker.
Not all p90s will fit in the place of a humbucker. Some have the screws thru the center of the pickup, dont have the ears. The others have the ears on em and both kinds use the screws into the body set up. The original style do. I think they are a slightly different size than regular humbuckers. Seymore duncan makes a p90 that will direct replace for a humbucker and I see a few other places do now that I looked at your links. The seymore duncan one is called the phat cat. They do have the sixty cycle hum of single coils. I think SD makes a stacked one with no hum but lose alot of the p90 tone. I put a set in my LP they are different to hear. I like em alot. Brighter than humbuckers but not as bright as strat singles. In between on tone. Arent the best for the heavy metal open string chug. But if you got a spare guitar to play the heavy stuff on the p90s are pretty good. Not sure on the prices your links were in euros I paid 79 US$ each for the phat cats.
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i can honestly say the bareknuckle mississippi queen is one of the best pickups i've played, i had them in my les paul for a while and i loved them, nice range of tones from them.
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From what youve said look at the Duncan Phat Cat, Duncan Stag Mag and the Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell.
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