ok. so i bought my podXT right at the tail end of its marketing life span and the X3 was released maybe a week after.

is there enough of a quality jump between the two to justify selling my Xt to get an X3? or should i wait for the next pod type?

the sound clips form the line6 site weren't that exciting, but ANY sound clip from any site rarely gets me going.
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I've wondered the same thing since I got my PodXT last year and use it often for recording. I've noticed there are a few new amp models, probably more effects but I rarely use effects. They also added something that you could do with the Vetta amps, where you can pick two different setups and combine them together. I'd like to try it when I've got enough free time to go through everything to see if I'll pick one up.
It looks more like an update than an upgrade. It still runs off the same processor I believe.
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yea i was kinda wondering about that. i suppose i'll wait until the pod "4"
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