Seeing as I have more than one guitar, I was thinking of keeping one in half step down tuning. I play a lot of songs in standards, hlaf step down, and whole step done...so should I or just switch tunings on my main guiatar. There are pros and cons to each...with one I have the risk of breaking strings and the time of tuning, but it's easier...with two, I need to get an AB box so I can have both hooked up or I have to hook and unhook guitars...


I need some strings that are good for differing tensions because I will be changing tunings betweens standard, half step, and whole step down a lot.

Thanks a bunch.
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I have one of my Strats tuned half a step down, another in standard. My Les Paul is half the time standrad , the other in open E, Elmore James and Duane both used open E as well. I love to try out as many open or odd tunings as I can.
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