I keep hearing that analog pedals sound better than digital. So I was wondering...are Boss and Digitech pedals analog or digital?

Let's say the Boss Metal Zone for example. Analog or Digital?

I also have a DOD Grunge pedal. Is this analog?

depends on the pedal. some are analog, some are digital. for example the ds-1 is analog while the ph-3 is digital. i DOD is analog, but im not 100% sure on that.
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digitech= digital
see my logic????

your logic doesnt quite work well. there are analog digitech pedals, the bad monkey for example. in fact, that whole range of pedals is analog (screamin blues, hot head, etc).
I did a little digging, and it seems that guitarcenter.com display which signal type they use.

If you check here http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-MT-2-Metal-Zone-Effects-Pedal-100020358-i1124483.gc you'll see that the Metal Zone is actually analog.

It seems like all Boss distortion pedals are analog and most of their other fx such as phaser are digital. Just like jof1029 was saying...interesting. Thanks for your help.
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What does "DOD" stand for?

Department of Digitech. Digitech used to make high end processors and rack untis almost exclusively, with DOD making pedals and what not. Now DOD is pretty much just their and slowly fading into oblivion due to Digitech now making everything DOD does, and with DOD's product line being cut back heavily.
Some are, some aren't. My Boss DD-3 is digital, but other Boss pedals, like the DS-1 and the BD-2 Blues Driver are analog.
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digitech is all digital. boss is only digital if it says "COSM" somewhere on it or if its some crazy pitch shifter
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digitech is all digital. boss is only digital if it says "COSM" somewhere on it or if its some crazy pitch shifter

Bullcrap. Bad Monkey is analog, Screamin' Blues is analog, I think even the Death Metal is analog.
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^Not sure where you're getting the idea the Bad Monkey is digital. It's based very closely off the Tubescreamer.
To those people who are saying that all digitech pedals are digital, you guys are all noob..

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The Metal Zone is digital I believe, but **** on a stick.
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Based on this site...it seems like Digitech are digital...even Bad Monkey.


Based on this email from digitech support, it's analog. Death metal is digital though.

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The Bad Monkey and Hot Head are analog, the Death Metal is digital.

Not sure about the email address, but that's where it went after I submitted my question on the form on digitech's site.
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