I am 14 years old and have been playing guitar for two and a half years now and I think it's time to start a band. I also take lessons weekly. How do i find the people I will need. I want a 5-person band. Singer, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist, and drummer. I would be either lead or rhythm guitarist and a backup vocals if i could start singing better. Should I get these people from my school although there are not many musicians in my school. Give me tips on this please.
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First of all, make sure you're ready with equipment. Microphones for the others. A mixer and speakers. Backup amps and cables. Cause there's no guarantee that when you find those members that they'll come with what they need. Hell, I even have a spare guitar for my other guitarist, whatever you feel is needed.

Now for finding those people, if you take lessons anywhere, ask the teachers about who's in a band and who's availible and what they play and how experienced they are, and try getting them from there. For me, it wasn't so easy, I MADE the members. I convinced a friend to take up drums (and thank God he feel in love with it) and I also had to pursuade my guitarist to start taking formal lessons, but I got lucky.

Good luck
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try to find good musicians who live around you, put out fliers, do whatever. If they don't live tht close it's not gonna work. Myspace is the ultimate tool for finding people,/musicians
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try to find good musicians who live around you, put out fliers, do whatever. If they don't live tht close it's not gonna work. Myspace is the ultimate tool for finding people,/musicians

Ok. I have a myspace but how do I find people for a band on it.
On myspace go to the forums and check musicians/classifed, ive never done that though , i recommend finding a musician ad website where you can find/place ads! or check forums that have the same thing like UG for example.
Also you can make small posters advertising what you want and post them up at guitar/drum/intrument shops or venues.
id recommend starting with a drummer first. typically, theyre the hardest to find. once you have a drummer and a bassist, youll be abled to find a guitarist in nothing. Also, try to look at your local underground music scene. even if you dont find musicians thatl play with you, youll find out where the local venues are and make a lot of cool freinds.

ive tried and failed to set up a band a bgillion times and the thing that finally worked is finding a drummer first.
You and I are in the same boat. Too bad we don't live in the same place (same state, different town :-/) Ill agree... getting a drummer is the hardest thing. Trying to find someone who not only has a set but that can actually play it is the most impossible thing in the world. But seriously talk to your friends who are into music (even if they're already in a band or are into a totally different style than you) and you might be surprised. I know a guy who plays bass in a thrash metal band but lately we've been talking and he's considering leaving his band to form a celtic punk rock band with me. Plus the bands with various musical influences are the ones that really break the barrier as far as unique sound and style are concerned.

Talk to people!
Put up ads, check myspace and Kraig's List, ask around at school, go to local venues (normally, these places are FILLED with local musician's looking for a band)

Good luck man!
I have the same exact problem
Maybe ask around your school. Or like somebody already said, try to convince some friends to take up instruments.
But here's some advice: try to find people around the same level as you, or at least not drastically different. Because if your members are all way better than you, you will not feel good about yourself. And if you are way better than other people in your band, you will be constantly frustrated and will feel held back.
Plus if your members are around your level, you can all get awesome together.
Hope this helped, and good luck!
ask around school and flyers are a good start. i play guitar in my future band and ive been looking around my little town for ever. so far i have found a drummer that has asthma and smokes. i think my drummer found a singer we're going to try out.
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...so far i have found a drummer that has asthma and smokes...

That's just a 'VH1 Behind The Music' episode waiting to happen..

Anyways, back on topic, these things work best: MySpace, asking friends about their friends, and bands you know around your city that just broke up. It did wonders for my band. =]
Hey. Your kinda in the same boat i was about a year ago. I had my two best friends and i( who sang, played drums, and played guitar) to work with. At fisrts we jsut got toghether and did some improv. What you need to do is if u dont have friends who play any intruments than ur next best bet is to go around your school and find some. Make sure that whoever you find, say ur rythm, that ur other man is lead, that he's not like four or five years better than u. And with wanting five exactly, if u can find at least a bass palyer, drummer, and another guitarist u'd b fine for a while. Thats what we did. we worked on instrumentals for a few months, then our drummer took vocals and we got a new drummer. Really, just rool with the punches cuz theres always a way to make it work.
another thing to keep in mind is that u wanna make sure u ahve an idea of what genre u wanna go into bcuz the last thing u need it a drummer who wants to do metal, u wanna do punk, and the rest of the band wants to do alternative. Also, once u get going, do everything u can to get ur band's name out there and tell a whole bunch of ppl. The band I'm in did that, and bcuz one of my friends found out thru that, he's letting us make a demo cd for free. Hope all that helps!
Forget having a band - start a solo project. Learn how to record on your own, make drum and bass tracks and play acoustic shows. Having other bandmembers is overrated.
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Find Musician Friends with a common purpose and interest and have them play other instruments, like I was a guitarist and now I play bass because it's what the band needed, and I'm damn good at both lol. Like when my band needs acoustic, or screaming, or keyboards I do it all.
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