Well, according to Wikipedia, there's 20+ types of headbang. So, which way is your favorite?


One Wikipedia left out that I'm fond of is the "Neck Cracker". You move your head as if you're trying to pop your neck, but not as violently. You can see an example here...

Watch Krist Novoselic, the bassist, who's doing it most of the video.

I'm also rather attached to the basic up and down and the side-to-side/nono.

Videos are key here folks.

or the 3-9 o'clock swing...
i also lawl when i do my robert tjuhiofiohfieosfh (metallica) crab stance and slide side-to-side
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windmill is the best.. all those amon amarth videos crack me up.
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I don't do any headbanging at all...

I just hunch over with my nose 4 inches away from the strings while I play like mad!
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The one from 'Night at the rocksberry' to "what is love."


I do that every time I hear that song.
uhhhh, yea
side-to-side AND up and down? Like those guyz in paramore
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Traditional, and circular (I picked it up from Metalocalypse). I love it, grabs much attention .
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Yeah windmill for sure. Also the way Alexi Laiho does it, I'm not sure what that would count as, I don't feel like lookin' at the wiki.
I hate when it's really obvious that articles were written by teenagers sitting in their room with nothing better to do. Look up just about any Rock or Metal guitarist, song, album, band, genre, etc. and it's very obvious that is was written by incredibly biased sources.
You know, I've honestly been expecting some sexual reference from someone outta this thread...

But back on topic. I like the traditional. My hair isn't long enough for the Metalocalypse swirly one....

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whiplash or standard up/down for me, or sort of like Angus Young without the foot thing
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Kinds I use while at metal shows: Up and down, half circle, all-out (when I'm near the stage), tandem, thrust, and half-body.

And I use almost all those while playing.
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