gonna buy some strings for my guitar. what kind should i get for hard rock/alternative? thinking of ernie ball slinkies.
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^Helpful replies guys .

It's all down to personal preference, but you can't go too far wrong with a set of D'Addario 10's.
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lol. i like Ernie Balls myself. 10s. just bought 12 packs in a box today. got 17 spares.
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i like Dr's they are sick man and they last long
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prefer ernie ball hybrid slinky myself, give u that power on the lower strings but the higher strings r still slinky so u can rip out some sweet solos.
I wouldnt go any smaller than super slinkies, but ernie ball slinkies are great. go with some regular slinkies....or the hybrid slinkies.
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I used to play Elixir's, but now I prefer the grip on the D'Addario XL .10 gauge
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I like Dean Markley 10-52s. They sound really nice, but I find they break quite often.
I used to play Slinkies, now I play D'Addarios.

Look, strings cost next to nothing, so grab a pack of slinkies, a pack if D'Add's, a pack of DR's etc etc and try them out till you find the right one.