The mackie looks apealing if only because you get speakers with it (though I'm sure they're pretty ****ty if they're being bundled with all that other stuff for that cheap), but I'd go for the M-Audio bundle. I can understand your reluctance to use a new program for recording and mixing, but believe me when I tell you that Pro Tools (even M-powered) is miles beyond Audacity. It's got a steep learning curve, but once you start to get the hang of it, you'll never consider using Audacity again for anything other than converting .wavs to .mp3s. Also, if you're having difficulty with Pro Tools, there's plenty of folks here (myself included) who have a pretty decent knowledge of the program and will be able to help you with any beginner to intermediate problems that you may have with it. So, yeah, go for the Pro Tools one.
go for the pro tools package

ive heard some really bad things about the mackie interface

i have the mobile pre and love it.

im problly going to upgrade to a firewire 410 tho.

pro tools is your best bet
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