Damn all sausage to hell.

Today I was innocently eating my breakfast, as usual. I chomped upon the eggs, toast, and hash browns just as I would any other morning. Then, I came to the sausage. I picked it up with my fork and placed it inside my mouth. When I began to chew it, for some reason unknown to me, my canine teeth on my right side slipped. Missing the sausage, they crunched through the next thing in their path....my lip.

I literally almost bit all the way through my lip this morning. It bled pretty substantially. Now, there's a spot on the inside of it the size of a dime, and it's irritated me all day.

Anyone else ever do this??
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Yea it happens, usually I just bite really hard on my tongue and it makes a crunch sound. It sucks.
uhhhh, yea
I can't chew gum and walk at the same time because of this.
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ouch. hate that.
and when you're chewing, and talking with your mouth partially open when it's interrupted by a loud "AWW F*CK" and you have to hold a napkin on your mouth for like 10 minutes to stop the bleedin'.
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And thats the sausages fault? Before you go pointing fingers, maybe you should get chewing lessons..... But seriously, yeah it sucks.
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lol, chalk one up for 'slippery sausage induced mouth injuries'.

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It's worse when you bite down on the fork. No worse feeling than that
I've bitten down on my own teeth the wrong way and cracked them...

it was a weird experience...
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