hey guys

i'm fairly new and i only just got a guitar...

i was wondering if anyone would be bothered enough to inform me of what kind of pedals produce what sounds and stuff and what brands would be the best

thanx heaps
just go to gc they usually have a pedal board with a bunch of boss pedals. try them all out
Boss and Digitech are generally regarded to be the best brands of pedals. Most professionals prefer Boss for blues, classic rock and hard rock. Digitech is slightly more popular in the two extremes: metal and pop. Most people who just play at home though or in small-time bands rarely notice the difference between them, so for many people it just comes down to whichever is cheapest to buy.
The exception is Wah (Cry Baby) pedals, where Dunlop are considered the best makers, no matter who you are or what you play. Many other companies make Wahs too, but Dunlop are 'the' big seller.

As far as what pedals make what effects, the name is always a clue.
If a pedal has the word 'Overdrive' on it, that means it pumps up your signal until it clips and your amp produces an overdriven, distorted sound (this also usually makes the final sound louder too).
If it says 'Distortion' on it, that means it artificially distorts and warps your signal to make it sound distorted and fuzzy.
Chorus, in simple terms, 'multiplies' your guitar's sound so it sounds like two, three or four guitars playing the same thing.
Delay is like an echo, it repeats what you play a set amount of times at set intervals, usually at degrading volumes.

There are many other effects - from Wah pedals which allow you to greatly control the tone of your sound and can be used to make what's usually called a 'vowel' sound (this can be done with manual pedals or with 'Auto Wah' that applies the effect in smaller doses to every note you play), to acoustic modelers which make your electric guitar sound like an acoustic. There are far too many effects to start listing here.

Both the Boss and Digitech websites allow you to hear samples of how each pedal sounds with various settings. Even if you then get a pedal from a different company, most sounds and effects are the same across the board.
if you just want a device that you can change the sound of your guitar i seriously recomend thae line 6 podxt or similar model. i have one and they're the best. i love it to pieces. you can get any sound you want from your gat. check it out on line6.com. although they're not that cheap they're definately worth it. and if you then get a compatible footboard it makes everything stage friendly.
highly reccomend you checkin them out dude