okay im planning on making my own guitar slowly overtime, but i want to find a site where i can find the wood to make my guitar and all the wiring.

I know how to wire everything but i cant find how to cut the wood without it spliting or what wood works best for like your genre (mine is metal) also i found a picture of flametop maple guitar wood and it looks nice but i dont know what the difference is like if it has cool designs on the wood when i paint it will it have those designs on the finished guitar if i paint it... because i want something like the LTD f-400 guitars paint job but green with dark green.

if you can tell me a site as described at the top, tell me about different woods or anything of making guitar it would be greatly appreciated

pce out
I think what you're talking about is the wood itself. On the LTD f-400 it looks like flamed maple with a transparent black finish.
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there are sites that sell un-finished, ready to paint guitar bodies, i just don't know any real good ones, however you can find anything on ebay and i know for sure they have some. but if youre bent on making it yourself then disregard everything i just said lol