I can't say, I've ever heard the original, but this is a very good cover. The guitar is pretty flawless, the vocals are awesome, though I am a little on the fence about the guy/girl vocals at the same time, but you guys make it work. Its good to see this genre of music being covered on here, I saw in your influences Elliot Smith, and I was impressed.
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to be honest, i dont like it. dont get me wrong- its good, very good. the singing is brilliant and the guitar is very good as well. personally tho i dont like the guy/girl singing together. it sounds a bit off-key. my band has 2 singers- a guy and girl- and we tried something like this but we didnt like it so they just sing at seperate times now. still both of you are very good and talented. Bright Eyes, Elliot Smith- I'm impressed, not many people on here like them. Good to know that not everyone is a shred-head.
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i quite liked it. loved the sound of the guitar. sounded pretty. the vocals were also pretty nice, your voices worked quite well together.

nice job overall. =]
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