Then open the program and figure out how to turn off the image blocker.


That probably didn't help you at all, did it? Durdurdur.

I play piano and guitar.
Do you play piano?
Add me.
What exactly are you learning to do here? It looks like a laser. Are you Modifying a laser?

There should be some sort of blocker-options in the menu. Unless your parents put it on, then they may have the password to it.
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burning laser?
Never shine it at anyone or at any eyes...within like 1ms you'll be blind forever.....

anyways, macfee has a crazy interface IMO.
Slowly go through all the setting pages and see if there's something related to image blocking and then turn it off.

im using macfee now and have not seen any image blocking settings. It does sound like a "parental control" type thing so look around that...
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No, those were directions on disassembling an M1 Carbine bolt. Which is a bitch to do btw.

I'll take a look around, I figured I would ask before putting energy into it. lol