It seems like everywhere I look, I see something I have already seen.
I feel like all the metaphors have eaten them selves, all that’s left are similies.
But deep down I know we will slowly turn back into dirt
So with that delicious slice of knowledge I eat my dessert.

These smiles are clouding my thoughts and I can’t taste straight
All my alarms are ringing but my body is still late
Upon closer review this X is double-crossed.
So when it comes down to it I guess I found what I haven’t lost

It’s to far past to make a end
Lets circle around to begin again
It’s painless when you freeze to death
Someone told me that.
But they died.

I argued with a puppet and swung from the strings
Well they got mad and twisted, left me dangling.
Lucky for them I didn’t have a knife,
I would have cut their chains to jump start their life.

This love was over before it ever began.
I say lets get it started from the end.
meet me in the middle, we’ll talk then.
As long as we are friends to the end…..

The end.