Hey Guys,
i bought an Invader 150 about one month ago an i am stll searching for the right sound.
i was listening to the soundfiles on rocksolidamps.com and was so .... wow

So this is an SOS to all Engl Invader users.
Please tell me your setting and your fav. style of music.

And help me finding the right tone.

Thanks alot!
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that must be heack loud, since its a 150watt tube amp

start with the EQ at 12 oclock, then adjust from there, also gain. and volume.
my blackmore has the lead right on 10, then i adjust the master vol. - this means its phenomenally loud on even 2 - louder than marshall jcm900 100w on 8

does the invader have similar controls?
Thansk for your help!

I got the vol. knobs at about 5 and the master vol at 5 so i think iam using it quite loud.
or should i crank it up much more???

i found out a grat setting for a pure tube rock sound
gain between 0 and 1
channelvol at about 10
and go for it
when you are picking the strings slightly you get a perfect clean sound and with harder picking you get thes focused bright overdrive sound wit unbelievable breakups.
do you guys wear earplugs when you're playing this loud, or are you already deaf as a fish?
i'd definitely be wearing earplugs playing that loud. once my savage se goes over about 1-2 (that's 2 on both channel and master volumes) i need earplugs.
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WOW you guys are awsome!!!!!

Thanks alot i cranked my invader Channel 3 & 4 up - like hell -
skale 0 -10
Gain about 4 - 5
Channel Vol. 8 -9

Eq Setting are different for each guitar but

What an unbelievable colorfull sound!

... and yes earplugs are necessary

Again thanks alot!
Thank you
yeah thats the way man - channel vol. - took me two weeks to figure out that - i cant say its as simple as an 800 - but well done
Yeah your so right - again thanks alot

And the coolest thing ist - i can still set the master vol of the amp to an quite ear friendly Vol (what means i just dont need earplugs while practising) without loosing soundquality!

Cause of the second master i am able to put the clean tone to the same vol level and if i need a boost for my soloingthing i can use the same vol step of the second master. (it's a really smooth step - not like beeing much louder than the second guitarplayer (Slash G&R (i think you know wat i mean)).

You really should try the invader because it's such an versatilely amp.
it's like an modeling amp with great tube sound.
I know engl sound like an hardcore metal or rock amp, but the invader is different.

You like clean sounds here we go - (Pink floid or Mr. B Adams and so on)
bluesy crunch sound like clapton king or garage rock sound
Rock like Led Zepplin this amp knows how to do it
brutal intransigent Metal Rythems that's what the brand engl stands for
and best but definitely not least the channel 4
channel 4is everything you need to create an zakk Wyled / Hammet / Slash Solo sound - this amp sings!

I am playing without any effect equipment not cause i don't like it - no some effects are great - no i don't need it.