Uhhh.... Just the first bit here, just leave some thoughts, be honest, cheers.

There's a guy in a garage out in New Orleans
Who makes his living selling dreams
His prices are low, his quality high
I guess it ain't so hard when your critic is the sky
So ring him early and tell him you're coming
And he might just fix you a little something something
A discount, a tip, for his favourite drip
Fall asleep and you'll get the best trip
He will want you to taste his wares
And you'll find its been 300 years
Yet still you sit there by the road
And its only then that you'll start to erode
So take this lesson, if you can
You gotta keep away from the comatose man

Uh, yeah. Thats it. I'm not sure of genre for it yet... Could be anything from rap to punk to metal. Could you leave your thoughts on that too? Thanks!