Hi new to Ug. Was interested in buying the marshall MG100Hdfx amp and found this really bad ass promotionial riff. Could someone tab this for me. Only the riff part as i am lightyears away from the lead. I use guitar pro and also powertab. Click link below riff will open in windows media player. About a 30 second riiff.

We all gotta start somewhere
Don't buy that amp.

It's a very expensive piece of crap.
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We all gotta start somewhere

Agreed. But not on an MG.
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go to guitar gear and accessories and get into your head that you will not find a GOOD halfstack for the pricerange of a MG. They'll sort you out
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Ok i read the threads in guitar gear and accessories . But all i am is now. Tube amp or valve(wich seem to be the same depends on what side of the pond your on). Lots of information there but when you are ignorant to what it all means it's of no help. Like i said we all gotta start somewhere so i guess my question is Where????
Good god i dont even want to say what i'm practicing on now or what i'm playing. (Or what i'm trying to play i should say)
But what i did get out of it is Mg = junk along with spiders and most ss amps

P.S. what about the riff does it suck too?