Hey eveyone, i hope this is the right place for this thread. I was just wondering, why is it that alot of singers from different bands tape their microphones? I mostly see it on the mikes of singers in metalcore bands, but i was just wondering, why do they do that? Is it jsut style or is there actaully a reason? I also saw a picture of spencer from UnderOath and his miek was taped and also some of his mike cord was taped to the mike aswell, like it looked as though he folded soem fo teh mike cord up against the mike, then taped it. Any help appeciated, thanks.

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it might of been a talkbox, but I don't hear a lot of metal using talkboxes lol
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It might be for better grip.

yeh some mikes don't actually stay on thier stands very well so the tape ensures that they won't slip out of the holder or anything
My friend does stage work and actually let me in on this a while back. The tape is usually used for one of two reasons. Reason one is for identification. Sometimes you'll notice a small loop of gaffer's tape at the end of the mic and it's usually a color (red, green, blue, etc). Each vocal mic on stage will have a different color so the FOH can identify which mic it is to adjust levels on the fly. Also, when a mic goes down, the stage hand usually has to throw another mic out there. This mic will have a different color tag so the FOH can level match the new mic with the faulty mic, and the faulty unit will just get muted at the board when the switch is made to prevent a crap load of noise from going through the monitors to the audience. Most of the time, these changes are done without the audience even noticing.

The second reason is to secure the XLR cable and connector. Most bands these days jump around like they've got lobsters in their ass...cables have a tendency to become disconnected in this insanity. Black or white gaffer's tape is usually used to secure the cable to the mic body and between the connector and mic to make sure it doesn't get diconnected.