well i was at work last night (cashier at a gas station) and had 3 guys come in and sit in our little "game room" basically slot machines that pay out with in store credit. anyway they're back there playing and one of my regulars comes in and plays for a bit then leaves and i get a call saying that the original 3 guys in the back are trying to break in the machines and i should keep an eye on them so i keep walking by and looking in. one of the guys ends up kind of acting as a lookout and everytime i was walking around the store he'd signal them somehow, anyway i kept walking by the room and everything looked alright and after an hour they left and i went in to check everything and just happened to look in the garbage can and there was the damn bill acceptor thing from inside one of the machines. by then they were long gone but i got their license plate and they're on camera so maybe the police can find 'em. anyone else have any stories about crazy/stupid/weird stuff that happened at work? sorry for the wall o' text.
Can't remember the user name exactly, but he had his pornshop robbed or something, there was a huge thread on it.
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Why didn't you just stay in the room and watch? Then kick them out?

because i had no solid proof they were up to anything until they left, i was the only one working and had customers to take care of.