I am an active musician
Last August i picked up the guitar after 12 years of Cello.
I progressed alot in the first couple of months through private lessons and what not.
But over the last 2 months or so i have not picked up my guitar in a while and i think its cause i dont know what to play. I like listening to an a ray of music such as John Mayer, Grant Green, Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson, Nickel Creek and old stuff. So i Listen to alot of guitar intensive music that is hard to play. When i try to play this stuff i get discouraged and drop the guitar. So i guess my question is what should i be playing to increase my skill, but are hard enough so i progress?
Any books you would suggest, songs to play...whatever
Any thoughts may help

Joey Burtoni
Just play. Try to write stuff. Or, listen to more simplistic stuff.
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I'm afraid there's no way to cheat, to get good you just have to play a lot. By looking at the sort of music you're trying to play I don't really know what would be 'easy', as I don't play that kind of music. If you find yourself getting discouraged easily I'd suggest trying to play varying genres of music, even if it's not your preferred style, just so you don't lose interest. Failing that, you could just persevere and try and learn it the hard way, even if it takes a while.

I hope that was some kind of help to you

PS how often do you play?
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I see you are into a lot of bluesy stuff. I'd recommend something like ZZ Top - tush, La grange
AC/DC - Money talks. I know the solos might be a little too hard, but then you can play the rythm guitar part underneath the solos.

Good luck!

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my friend you have guitar block(its wat i call it). just listen to something new, play with ur friends, write something urself. do anything to get that guitar back in ur hands
Over the summer, i would play about 5 or so times a week, when i would just pick up my guitar and play for a bit, i never really had much direction though, My music teacher i was getting lessons from did not really help me at all. I do listen to alot of jazzy blues stuff, any ideas on artist i could play to broaden my playing ability?