I just got my new amp Randall V2 head + Randall RS 125 CX cab.
It is too early to talk about quality, but I can say that it makes preaty huge and massive sound. This 15" eminence gives a lot of bottom what is needed for new metal groovie sound setups but also 2x12" speakers gives the rest of sound to have all frequencies covered. I love EQ control on V2.
I think, for metalheads, it is great thing to have good sound for not to expensive equipment.

Does enyone of you guitar freaks has the same amp head as me and maybe this cab or similar? I would like to exchange some words with "brothers in arms".
My equipment Peavey Rotor EXP limited + this Randall amp monster and cab is more like massive destruction weapon than enything else.
Cheers guyz, regards from Bosnia.

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I was looking at one of those a while back. I never found one so I ended up buying a Laney. I don't regret the purchase. How do you like it?
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I tried out a Randall V2, I loved that thing to death. I ended up getting a Roadking though. I'm eventually going to get a V2 to run ABY with my roadking.

I don't know about the 2x12 +1x15 cab. Unless you're using a 6 string tuned way down, or 7 or 8 string I don't think the 15" speaker would make that much of a difference.

I can't wait to hear some clips of this beast.
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As I said....... not enough hours playing to write review... however it sounds and looks like metal monster! I simply love looking into it ... do not even have to crank it up ... just look and enyoj!
I can say that I am at the momment one of best equiped metal guitar players in my town of Banjaluka.
My Peavey rotor produces enough frequencies to load 15" and also V2 head has Eq to boost bas @ 80 hz... thats pretty much to make 15" live.
I will write much more about it later.
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And something more.... what would be perfect match boxes for this amp. My RS125CX cab is great for lower cab (gives all this bottom end) but what to put on top of it? I prefer now Randall cabs but witch one? I know it will be 412 but from wich series.
Of course I prefer cheaper stuff... not more than 600-650 USD.... Can enyone suggest something?
I see that there is Randal 212 cab ... maybe it would be quite enough to cover two speaker outputs 300W @ 4 Ohms and 200W @ 8 Ohms.... please help, I have not much help from my friends because I am first one in my "gang" to have such a monster amp. and I do not believe dealers stories.... Thoght, it is maybe funny to all of you who already had or have amps like Messa, Marshall, Peavey 5150, 6505, XXX and other hi quality equipment..... but remember this is Bosnia.
Vader cabs run for about that price, as do used Mesa cabs.

You could get an unloaded Port City cab and buy Eminience Legend speakers (they're 120watts) and looking at the speakers tone charts are very similar to Vintage 30s.
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Some people say that cheap Behringer Ultrastacks BG412F, BG412S, BG412V or BG412H do the job!?
I heard that a lot of people use these stacks with their 6505, XXX and Mesa heads without any problems.... hmmm, I do not know what to do.... here in Bosnia in my town I can only find Peavey, Randall, Marshall, Vox and Behringer guitar cabinets.
the only thing that really matter about cabs are the speakers. brand new is irrelevant. if you can find a cab with real eminence legends (vader, some randalls), or vintage 30s (avatar) , those are probably the best speakers for heavier music. you dont need a mesa or marshall name for the same stuff.
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