When I started playing guitar, I had the privilege to start with a Jackson PS2, unfortunately, it didn't do quite what I wanted. I've been listening to metal, death metal, heavy metal, grind core and so on for about 5 years. After the Jackson, I purchased myself a Vintage Metal Axxe Warp for £200, that's about $300 - $500 dollars, I'm not quite sure. But, the floyd Rose didn't allow me to tune it to lower than a Standard D, if I tuned it to lower, I would lose every 11th and 12th fret because of the bow in the neck. I've joined a band that requires me to play in Drop C, I fitted 12's on my guitar and raised the action on the Floyd Rose so it does the job for now. But, I've noticed that I can't get any natural harmonics or pinch harmonics. All together, I've spent about £300 on the guitar trying to get it fixed and for maintenance but I just can't waste any more money on it. I've decided that I want a guitar with these requirements:

Fast/ thin neck.

No tremlo/ Floyd Rose.

Easy to adjust tuning high or low quickly.

Four pickups/ 2 pickups and a humbucker.

Unusual shape/ Body.

Removable neck.

Will be able to handle a large gauge strings, maybe 12's or 13's.

I don't like Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Vintage or Corts. If someone can help me then please do. My highest budget is £450 and lowest is £300. I like spiky and curvey guitars, something like a BC Rich Draco :P.
Try the ESP Explorer style guitars or look at some Schecter guitars.
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anything schecter or prs se custom or singlecuts

EDIT didnt see the removable neck bit any particular reason for this and are you sure you want four pickups? bit of a lot to ask or do you mean two humbuckers with the dual coils?
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Yes, the humbucker and dual coil. The removable neck just incase I get a bow that can't be fixed so I will have to buy a new neck. That's what happened with my Warp, it's got a bow but it's got a fixed neck so I can't buy one. I've been looking at the BC Rich Beast WMD SOB, BC Rich Draco Onyx and the ESP AX-400. They all look like really nices axe's but there's none near me and I don't want to order off the internet.
Has anyone had any experience with a BC Rich Beast and down tuning it to a C or lower?
Mahogany body, hardtail, set neck, seymour Duncan pickups, coil tapping and under £400.
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Sounds nice but it's not my kind of guitar. I like unusual body shapes and head stocks. Something like the KxK Karl Sanders custom :P. Thanks for the anyway.
Just wanted to say that I ended up buying a black Jackson JS30KV, which, I'm glad I bought as it's an amazing guitar.