Yeah, so I just bought an Xbox 360 Elite. However I've been pretty absent in the gaming world the past few years..so, does anyone have any good reccomendations for games? The only game i've played in the past few years has been the Halo series (so yes, I have Halo 3). The only other game i've got is NBA Live 2K8 (and the two that came with the 360, I guess).

I love Live, but campaign type stuff is always fun too.
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So you bought a 360 without checking out what games you might be interested in first?
I've played Gears with my friend many times and I have to say I don't care for it that much, sorry.

So what's the deal with Assassin's Creed? I've heard lots of good things but I don't really know anything about it. Same with Mass Effect.

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So you bought a 360 without checking out what games you might be interested in first?

Not necessarily. See I borrowed my friends for the longest time and all I played Halo 3, so I pretty much decided to get my own for Halo 3 and just because I really thought I should have one by now. I figured there was enough games out there or would be soon anyway.

And like I said, I've been pretty absent from the gaming world lately and now I'm starting to get back into some. I really like the achievements stuff you can do with the 360 games.
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definetly gears of war, get GTA IV when it comes out, idk what else.. i like nascar 08 and nhl and stuff like that
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depends on what games you like, if you like racing games then i recommend Project Gotham 4, Need for Speed Pro Street, and Juiced 2. If you're into sports games...well i suppose that depends on what sports you're into, I personally like the Madden and NCAA football series. And of course, Guitar Hero 3 and Rockband are amazingly fun
Totally dislike Guitar Hero. The times I've played it have not been that enjoyable at all.

And NCAA Football 08 was a lot of fun, I'll probably pick that up.
Call of Duty 4.
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definately go saints row, full auto, Smackdown Vs. Raw 08, umm and what everyone else said
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bioshock ftw! also assassin's creed looks pretty sweet
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Mass Effect
Call of Duty 4
Assasin's Creed
Half-Life 2: The Orange Box
Gears of War
Rock Band

These past couple months have had oodles of great 360 games come out. Check out some of these, and buy the ones that float your bot.
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