I want to put a new pickguard on my Fender Mexican Strat. I have the exact replica pickguard that i want to be put on. Now heres the question.. Does it cost alot to have the pickguard put on at a place like guitarcenter? How hard of a process is it to change the pickguard?

Thank you
you should be able to do it yourself as its very easy, i'm sure a shop wouldn't charge you alot for it though ... might even do it for free ....
cause i just called guitar center and the tech guy said 40 bucks...i thought that was outrageous
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cause i just called guitar center and the tech guy said 40 bucks...i thought that was outrageous

I don't think he was serious.
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$40 aint that outrageous, well i mean it is, but think about it. taking a pick guard apart and putting it all onto another pick guard can take some time, thats a lot of screws. so if they charge by the hour that could easily be $40.

however, simply taking the time to read up and do it urself would be worth it
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anyone car to walk me through this process? i dont even know how to get the volume and tone nobs off
The volume and tone knobs will come off if you use two flathead screwdrivers as levers to push them off of the posts. Use the pickguard as a fulcrum to push off of. Unscrew the screws attaching the pickguard to the body and remove it. (You'll need the strings removed, of course). Take it off, and unscrew all the components. Now, being careful not to break any solder joints, screw all of the components onto the new pickguard.

If you have any issues, please bring them up.