Somehow on my Jackson, the bridge came ungrounded awhile back. I've put up with it for awhile but since I've got other things to work on, I figured I would give this a try. Im pretty sure it had a good ground but it came loose, as when I wiggle the treble side post (the one closest to the electronics cavity) it will work for a moment, but as soon as Imove it goes back to being ungrounded. So is there an easy way to fix this without taking out the bridge posts?
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Not really, you gotta take out the post. If you can wiggle the post it should come out easy enough.

Alright, thanks.
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How do you get the post out? I've always wondered.

Mine just lifted out. The plastic part is like a tab, and once I got my nails under it, I was able to lift it right out. I guess you could also do this with a pick or credit card. Also, I fixed my issue by putting some electrical tape around the bridge so it would make contact with the ground.