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digitech death metal
3 60%
line 6 uber metal
2 40%
Voters: 5.
ok i was at the guitar shop a little while and since ive gotten good marks on my report card my parents gave me money so i went there and he said pick the digitech death metal but ive heard some pretty bad stuff and i know its only good with a tube amp and i have a solid state amp but its not a modeling one. they have a line 6 uber metal there and i want that but he keeps telling me to get the deathmetal so which one should i get i like playing melodic death metal and metalcore and hardcore.
i have the death metal pedal and i have a modeling amp. i am very happy with this pedal.i dont know how it is with a non-modeling amp tho.

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the neither.
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ok i know i totally want a metal muff aswell and im a little pissed about it only beucase there gonna charge me 200 bucks for it only because they would have to special order it so i have to pick one of the two