i seacrhed and found nothing.....anyway,if i drill a hole inot the body(for a killlwitch)will the clear coat(idk what it is called) crack or like spilt?
Not if you use a pillar drill, a good drill bit and take it nice and slow. Remember to put some wood in the cavity under where your drilling otherwise you'll splinter away all the wood on the undersied.
This is a pillar drill- You'll probably be able to do it ok with a hand drill but its much neater and easier with one of these
^A hand drill is fine too, nothing to worry about. Just take it nice, slow, and steady.
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I'd put masking tape over the area you're going to drill.
I also highly recommend using pilot holes.
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Yeah, a little masking tape.
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pilot holes, a drill press(pillar drill?), and wood under where your drilling the hole and you should have no problems. remember though, take it slowwwwwww
I'm doing the same thing. I'm drilling a 1/2" hole for a killswitch. I have one of those drill bits specifically made for making holes it looks like a regular drill bit with like wings. I have to drill through the pickguard aswell any tips.
For Redsx: if you're using a spade bit (flat) or a Forstner bit (cylindrical), take it fairly slow and use pilot holes (drill a small hole first of all to center the larger bit), and you won't have too much difficulty. For drilling the pickguard you may want to go a bit faster so as not to cause too much friction and melt the plastic , but I'm not sure as I haven't had any experience drilling plastic with anything more than a 1/4" bit. Anyone else have any suggestions?