I would like some advice on what to ask for.
The budget is only a couple hundred dollars(200 or so)
I have a Fender Deluxe American Strat HSS and a Fender Deville 410 and play all sorts of music. I was looking for distortion pedal to give me some extra spice and use it on some heavier stuff. Any suggestions?
i played a fulltone ocd today and it was pretty good. it's more of a heavier overdrive than say a hot cake, so it would probably work for you.
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ts9 turbo it has a bit more gain than a normal tubescreamer which is good beucase sometimes you should over do what you want becase you never know when you will need it
thanks for the suggestions i was looking at the metal muff and wondered if ya'll have used it at all?
well i dont know what youre into..
Ibanez Tubescreamer?
goes great with a Fender and classic rock.
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i'm in to classic rock (zep, hendrix, clapton) more modern stuff(tool, coheed, foo fighters) and some metal(opeth, maiden, metallica )
i'm going to assume that it's best to get the full size pedal?