I was wondering how you guys would set up ur wah pedal and distortion pedal. Do you have the wah pedal first running to the distortion pedal to the amp? Or the distorion pedal running to the wah pedal to the amp?

I currently use the first set up... Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

i use the wah into the distortion.

wah after distortion gives a much bigger effect on the wah, as its wahing the distortion too.
i run it like this...

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i go distortion first a lot of people will do it the other way round. try both then see which you like?
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I rarely use a wah anymore, so I sold it. guitar-wah-dist/ov-amp seems to be the regular form, guitar-dist/ov-wah-amp has the seemingly controlling the distortion. It doesn't however, it just controlls the freq-range and distortion just is more audible and sounds more agressive on the higher frequensis. It's a neat trick though
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I depends on what wah have You got... I use my wah like this: guitar-->dist-->wah-->amp
not every wah sound good like that...
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