Im looking to buy a cheap wah pedal. Im thinking about buying the Danelectro Trip L Wah Pedal, but i don't know anything about wah pedals, so is it worth it???Or are there other pedals around the same price but better or same in quality?
Isn't the Dano made of plastic? If you're short on cash pick up a used Crybaby on eBay for about $40. Not the greatest wah ever, but it goes wah just fine! Plus you can always do a few mods
Lets just say dude, you get what you pay for. Dano pedals are cool, if you want to tear them apart and do something else with them. They're real cool little tinker-around-with pedals. But as for being really awesome and what not, I would say that they're not. A couple of them are decent but you have to get into the vintage Dano pedals. The new crap from them kinda sucks in my opinion.

Check on a Crybaby. Like someone said, they arent the best but you can mod then really easily.