So i bought that beginner squier pack 6 months ago and now i wanna upgrade my gear (my birthday is commig :P)! I play mostly hard rock- led zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N roses, Velvet revolver,turbonegro, vains of jenna.... some blues, and some metal(older metallica pantera but i dont mind buying a pedal for this)!! I really like that overdrive tone from a tube amp so im thinking to buy one now (instead of buying a roland cube now or something and then a tube its just waist of money in my opinion)!
For the guitar im gonna buy a epiphone les paul standard i tried it in the local guitar shop and i liked it!!

Can u give ur opinion and give me some sugestion on the amp i should buy? I dont mind if have to buy pedals or something! My bugdet is around 700/800 € (not counting with pedals) Help me

P.S. im probably gonna jam with a band!so i need a amp that covers the drummer and small gigs
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I have a Peavey Valveking 212 myself and i can definately recommend it! it sounds pretty good..only the distortion is kinda weak so you might want to get a nice Tubescreamer or something for that..
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I'm going to be obvious and say Vox Valvetronix or Epiphone Valve Junior Half-Stack + Boss BD2 for amp.
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I'm going to be obvious and say Vox Valvetronix or Epiphone Valve Junior Half-Stack + Boss BD2 for amp.

That isnt even close to what he asked? :/
beckyjc just a question ur laney vc 30 sounds good for that guns n roses, ac/dc stuff?can i get a good metal tone with it! the peavey classic 30 seems a good option with some pedasl it can get some hi gain tones so ive heard... but laney seems to me more aproprite for hard rock...
The Laneys a more Low-Mid gain bluesy amp, with buckers youd prolly get a bit of GNR out of it, AC/DC dont use much gain anyway so itll suit fine.
As for metal, well meh, a pedal will get you the gain for it, but its too warmly/vintagely voiced for anything beyond and bit of the classic stuff like miaden.
so tiil now im in the peavey classic 30 and Traynor YCV 40 !!any more options?
so im gonna get the peavey classic 30 but what pedal should i buy for my heavy stuff?
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so im gonna get the peavey classic 30 but what pedal should i buy for my heavy stuff?

I wouldnt. My guitar teacher has one and its a great amp, but it doesnt 'do' metal. To get a really high gain sound, you need to crank it, and trust me its damn LOUD. As you're probably playing at bedroom level, it won't have enough gain for you.

Saying that, if you get a pedal to boost it, you might be OK. Theres a make called Blackstar, they've realeased some valve stompboxes, apparently those are great. Just make sure you have a good look around before deciding on something that may not fit your needs.
yeah i know this isnt a metal amp i dont play much metal! but ocassionally i like to play some metal songs... that isnt the tone im after! i dont need a perfect metal tone just an OK tone
what's your budget for the amp + pedals? with any luck you might find an amp which doesn't need pedals...
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try an EHX metal muff?
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Harley benton GA5! It'll be more than loud enough as long as you're not doing big gigs and its cheap! 100 euros or £60 (don't know how to do the euro sign!!!)