This isn't me of course, is a recent youtube's video of Cesar Huesca playing a great cover of Canon Rock. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAGvjXXBY00
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He cheats on his vibrato. Floating Bridge? Id call that a bit lazy...
Why does he call ti Canon Rock? Id call it Canon improv. He doesnt say true to the song, therefore it isnt a cover. He leaves out some of the parts that make the song more smooth and flowing...
Technically its pretty good. Not very many mistakes, clean transitions, and finally someone who can sweep...
It gets somewhat repetitive. He could try mixing up another scale maybe?
Its obviously more than one video. Its edited together. Not impressed from that. Have him play it all back to back and them maybe.

Im a big critic of everything I hear, so dont be suprised... the playing was good though. I just didnt like it
nedthehead, can you do any better. i thought it was great. i dont understand why ur being so harsh