Hey guys!
I've just uploaded a new song in myspace.... It sounds pretty good even tho it has no drums....
It's called Waterfall. It has some easy riffs and not very complex solos, but i like it anyway even despite the lil mistakes it has (point them out, so i can work on them!!)


Post your opinion! C4C!
Very nice. I'm not sure about "jazzy", though. I liked the whole feel of the song and you're right, it sounds fine without drums. There weren't any obvious mistakes, but the solos sound like they should be played smoother if you know what I mean. Other than that, it was a nice listen. Good work on this

Crit mine?
Hahaha thnx for the crit.... Yeah, probably jazzy isnt the word... but iunno what other word i could use hahahah :P Yeah i noticed that also, i have to record them again i suppose....
Hmm i'm listening to it without headphones and it doesn't sound that good well... whatever :P
Thnx for the crit!