Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Okay so I was looking around for different problems that delevelope from playing the guitar. I found this and I was shocked. My exact symptoms... Pinky and ring finger numbness and all the way up my forearm to my elbow... Now i'm ****ing scared cause guitar is my only true passion and I've been planning on following a career in it and all... So I'm not sure if I have the permanant nerve damage or not. I'm going to get to a chiropracter as soon as possible but I've had this for a real long time and the site said it could lead to permanant nerve damage... Guitar is the only ****ing thing I care about most in this world and I don't know what I'll do without it... Does anyone know any kind of stretches or anything that'll help to fix this?? Or if there are any? I will definately visit the chiropractor or whatever else I'll have to do though... And also to make this a real thread and not me just bitching, has anyone else ever had any problems like carptal tunnel, tendonitus, ect??
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Thanks for the help dickhead