Okay, I do this every few weeks when I get a decent quantity of cds from the local alternative "High Fidelity" record store, so this is this month's venture and I got some really great ones this time around, not one let down, I'll start with the most impressive first and then to the least.

Taken By Trees - Open Field

Taken By Trees' Myspace

This is the lady that made Peter Bjorn & John's hit single "Young Folks" so popular. Her name is Victoria Bergsman, and her haunting voice is coupled with an eclectic mix of strings, twee pop drums, and cute attention to detail. All the songs are filled with really, really wonderful sounds and it's so pleasent to listen to, and her voice is just a dream. The best track I think on the album, Lost & Found, it's wonderful summary of the album. Camera Obscura meets Joanna Newsom maybe, it's hard to describe how really wonderfully uplifting this album is, even in it's darker moments, really wonderful winter music.


Seabear - The Ghost That Carried Us Away

Seabear's Myspace

The opening blew me away, I won't lie, despite the probability of this band becoming a, "Zach Braff" band is high, I really enjoy just cute, indie rock, it's pretty wonderful. It reminded me of Architecture in Helsinki with some generic folk band stiched on to, but to say it's not enjoyable is a lie. I enjoyed it, even though it is pretty generic, but they did everything right for a band like this, which is saying something, because trying to do this after hundreds of bands have tried and getting something right is a pretty big statement I think. I Sing I Swim, is the most popular track off the album, and probably the best one to listen to before buying the album. I have to say, I'm impressed, but yeah, pretty good. For those that like, Architecture in Helsinki, The Shins, and other bands like that.


Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara

Great Lake Swimmers' Myspace

I don't know much about this band, but I do know they've got the folksy down pat. It's reminds me of Grizzy Bear without the kooky, which does make Grizzy Bear good, but it's nice to see such a simple band. The songs are all really good, and powerful, and despite not having some ridiculous gimmick, they really shine with their lyrics and the folksy tinge. The band's had a few releases before this one, but apparently this is their best to date, so I don't know whether I'll check out older stuff. I will say, I'm impressed, the singer can sing, the band can play, and they write some of the most solid folk songs I've heard lately.

Taken By Trees and Great Lake Swimmers were really good, if i had tons of money i'd order their records. Seabear was crappy and boring
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
I'd already heard the Great Lake Swimmers and Seabear before. Taken By Trees were pretty good though, so thanks!
that taken by trees stuff is quite wonderful. i am adding that to my list of albums to get soon.
Great Lakes Swimmer sounds totally awesome, I swear that song Your Rocky Spine was in a movie somewhere...

Taken by Trees also wicked. And your reference to Camera Obscura helped me discover them too, which I am enjoying very much at the mo.

"Obtaining" all three right now..
Quote by hen
Taken by Trees also wicked. And your reference to Camera Obscura helped me discover them too, which I am enjoying very much at the mo.

"Obtaining" all three right now..

+1, I really liked Taken by Trees, I already *obtained* Open Field. Thanks for the recommendations Something_Vague.
Ah yes, I got that Seabear album awhile back and found it absolutely fantastic. Really, really good and mellow. Great Lake Swimmers are good as well. I haven't heard Taken by Trees; I'll give them a listen now.