improvised solo off the top of my head.. no drummer.. but who needs a drummer?

anyway.. first time we've practiced together in like a month and a half.. so kinda sketchy

reviews would be nice
Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine.
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its hella sketchy. the guitar work is okay. its such a simple song though. i couldnt really hear the bass. and your singer wasnt singing the right notes.
i enjoed that

except tho solo

and the singing was a bit off

but you didnt butcher it and i like this song

so all in all good cover

EDIT: get a keyboardist and do in a gada da vida

its easy and so fricken cool
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ur bends weren't up to the right pitch... kinda left me thinking...

and ur singer's quite a bit off.

practice boys. practice. use ur valuable times for practicing.
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yeah.. I realize that the bends were kinda sketchy.. not to be making excuses but it was 22 degrees outside and no heat in the garage.. so my fingers were basically solid ice.. but you have to give me credit for bein out in that weather practicing at least right?
Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine.
We go drinking from time to time.
Not to bad

When the solo comes in though

Just practice it up a bit and you'll have it a lot tighter.
mmm, singer didn't hit the right notes

to answer your question of who needs a drummer, you do..

guitarist needs to work on his tone.. seems weak, also kinda seems like he's just hitting random notes of the pentatonic scale and hoping they sound like some sort of phrase, no offense but it needs a bit of work
Singing needs some work. You guys are ending the chorus on a G5, but it's supposed to be A or A5. Uhh, the solo needs some work (it sounds like you're just playing the pentatonic up and down., and this whole thing would sound a whole lot better with a drummer.

Not bad, though