I use one.

I don't really know what to think of it. It gives a pretty good tone, and how easy it is to record is great.

The downsides is that it's got a bit too much gain, quite fizzly if you let it. Makes it very easy to play and the next thing you know you're a sloppy player. I haven't quite found a solution to this problem either; when I go to record I hear a ton of static in the headphones but it records as if the static never happened. It makes recording a pain in the ass but not everyone has this problem.

I would recommend guitarport; it's better suited for guitar. You can play bass through it, if you want to sing through it just get a 1/4 - Female adaptor, they're about $15.
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I have a UX2 and it's very easy to use.

The amp models are pretty decent (not nearly as responsive as a nice tube amp) and you get lots of bells and whistles.

What will you be recording?

If it's just guitar, the UX1 is a good choice because you can later on use the mic input to mic up your amp.

The UX2 is good for recording vocals and acoustics because it provides phantom power.
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I use a UX2 for recording, it's decent for the price. The amp modeling is ok, but not great (but then again I believe that modeling can never become great). Click the in my sig to hear some tracks I have recorded with it (the mediocre quality is my fault as much as the UX2's ). However, I'm buying a microphone today, and I plan to start recording with my amp instead, using the UX2 as a preamp.

But anyway, I recommend the Tone Port for basic home recording, and it's good for practicing at low volumes too.
i have one, use the ux1 for recording. i don't use the amp model, but i have preamp settings that i use to mic my guitar/amp/vocals. its okay. still colors my tone.
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