Hello everyone, My name is Andy as you've probably guessed from my highly origonal user name, been abusing the guitar on and off for more years than I care to say you know learnt a few chords, Stairway to Heaven, Smoke on the Water, House of the Rising Sun, you know the usual stuff, I've put a bit more effort into it over the last year and have a Fender cutaway Electro/Accoustic (Chinease) and a Vintage 12 string Accoustic, I suppose the main reason for going down the accoustic route is the fact that I'm a bit of an Eagles fan and got some real inspiration from Hell Freezes Over and Farewell One Tour DVD's, OK it's pretty simple stuff for most of you and not the sort of thing many on here would listen to but hey. Anyway I bought the AC/DC Plug Me In DVD set a few weeks back and that inspired me to go electric, I ended up Buying a Squire Affinity HSS GDEC pack and contary to opinions of some it ain't that bad, the guitar is very comfortable and easy to play (I have fairly short fingers), the Amp alltough only 15w does have a half decent sound to it and effects for newbie's like me to play with, anyway along with this I have a couple of Lick Library DVD's namely The Eagles and Guitar Solos ( the one with Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California on it) I am taking things slowly and currently working on the Stairway to Heaven solo which seems to be a good exercise in learning the A minor pentonic scale at various posisions down the neck.

What music do I like? Well pretty eclectic taste really, not keen on what I would term Thrash Metal, or the Vai, Satriani type stuff, but generaly a bit of country, blues, rock and some punk (old and new).
Hey welcome!

There's a thread at the top of the page for intros too.

You'll like it here.
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