I'm considering building a multi-fx pedal to have Chorus, Phaser, Fuzz, Reverb, Tremolo, Delay, AutoWah and Graphic EQ to go with my Whammy 4.

I just want to know how hard this would be, I can solder and put together circuit boards because I took GCSE electronics. I'd need to know how I could fit these together, what components would I need to change to get these all in one pedal? I'm wanting to be able to use them each as individual pedals, so I want to keep the control knobs and the button (the stomp on/off button). How easy would it to be to form the casing to hold all these effects?

Finally, the two essential questions, would this project be possible? And of course, what UK-based shop/website would be likely to sell everything I'd need?

Thanks in advance to any help.
Well I'm not sure if you're saying you're building a whammy or not. If so you need to familiarize yourself with ICP chips. You'd have to know how to do digital stuff most likely. It is possible but very difficult. I try looking on the diystompbox forum where they have a whole section on making digital effects.
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I'm not building a Whammy, I'm building a multi-effects to go with my Whammy. Thanks, though, I'll look at diystompbox.