Hi, I've played guitar for now soon 1 1/2 months and I would like to learn a cool metal song that sounds good and yeah, noot to hard for my time that i've played ? Thanks/Markus
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Enter Sandman or Seek And Destroy, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TRY HANGAR 18!!!

He's a newbie, not retarded

If you can bear metalcore, try End of Heartache. Easy enough.
death walking terror - cannibal corpse

some parts you wont be able to do, but the main riff and intro are pretty heavy and really easy, give it a go.
Paranoid is fun to play . I would have to agree that Enter Sandman is a good choice, unless you are going for something very heavy like Lamb of God or Unearth.

The intro to Black Label from Lamb of God is very easy, but probably boring to play too. One guitar is playing that same heavy bass note over and over while guitar 2 is playing an easy riff on the E string (drop D tuning though).

Failure by Unearth is probably too hard, but you can give it a go. It's not too hard other than the fact that he hits the low E string between every single note on that intro/verse lick. You just gotta practice it for a while.
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Some advice on what "Heavy" is to you would always help :] Everyone has different views about certain things; so; If you want something really loud; could always try
Before i Forget by Slipknot
Stay Captive by Still Remains
Failure by Unearth