I've got a Squier Standard Stratocaster and a a Squier Sp-10 Amplifier.
I don't have the money to buy a real Fender Stratocaster, so I'm thinking of buying a new amp or a effects wokstation or pedal.
What do you think ? should I buy a amp (ex. line 6 spider or roland cube) or a pedal (boss gt, boss me, digitech rp....) ?? what is the better low price/high improvement option?

Thank you

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go for the Roland Cube. it seems like saving up for a japanese strat could help out to. its gonna sound better than that squier. no offense. i started on a squier as well. got rid of it as soon as i could though.
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I like line 6 amps, but they do NOT sound good with a strat.


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well you shouldnt buy a line 6 but ya a better amp, maybe a small tube combo

Yeahh.. Line 6s are good, but not with Strats.
i have a line 6 spider II i dont like it personally i think the cube sounds better. As far as pedals are concerned theres nothing better than boss. you should really just get a better guitar though. it makes a huge difference.
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no but its better to get a good amp before you bother to get a good fx pedal, rather then getting a crappy fx pedal to go with your crappy amp
really depends on the pedal cause for awhile i was running off some pedals and it was pretty good, then i got a spider III 75 which rules. i dont know about the strat thing everyones saying but its pretty good for metal if ur into that.
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If you're just starting out, a better amp is far more necessary than a pedal. Go with the Roland Cube or Microcube, both are great.
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I will say just "Bandit"...... Peavey Bandit 212 ..... after that buy whatever you want. Of course this is proposal for beginers .... later U need good tube amp... but Peavey Bandit will do the work for you. Great clean chanel, great gain at secons chanel... from bluesy dirty sound to nu metal hi gain punch in your face. And everything from small solid state 1x12" 80W amp ... also not much money for it.
Try to escape from stomp boxes.... maybe good chorus and vah are ok to buy, but U do not need anything more for the start.
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Amp- but ask for advice first rather than buying one that "looks cool" and so happens to be in your price range
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What's with the amount of people actually liking Spiders. THEY SUCK. I've played a couple. They sound digital and their cleans are crap. They're solid state. They break up at high volumes. THEIR SPEAKERS SUCK. They're main gimmick is to imitate models and effects, but why wouldn't you get the real thing?

Also, my guitar teacher, who is an expert on tone, was an owner of a Spider. He told me it sucked. He put in new speakers, which he said made it decent, but he still sold it to some other chump. He advised me to stay away from them, and now I see why.
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