Hello all you guitar players!

I am new to this site and heard it was good for chatting about guitars!

I have a collection of guitars including Les Pauls, Strats, SG's, Tele's, Rickenbackers and Flying V's etc.

Anybody wanna talk?

George Matthews
Pretty nice collection, i just dont like flying Vs and Rickenbackers, this part of forum is kind of help etc. there is a chat link at the top though.
What strats do you have?
Quote by xxthermadorrrxx
wat teles, Vs and rickenbackers do u have?

I'd like that info too please!

And any pics?

Sounds like a great collection.
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if that really is your gear in your profile then you are officialy awesome
any pics of the collection
Epiphone Les PAul StandarD

Line 6 Spider III 120

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