Rightio, first of, i dont think my band is good enough to get signed, but thats not the point, i think we have the potential so i am going to make a spreadsheet of all the record labels we should send our demo to.

If anyone knows of a good reference it would be awseome, or just some names of labels that i can research to check genre. The wikipedia one is abit to extensive to search through to find out if its the right genre.

If anyone knows any names/references it'd be great - I realise nobody will know all of them but even a few would be really helpfull.
Well, major labels probably won't care too much (no offense or anything) so try Indie ones first. Just look in the phone book or something for the ones in your region, and check wikipedia to see what kind of music they like. There's plenty of them.
Go for local record labels, but remember that they will have hundreds of demos sent to them, so why should they listen to yours? What makes you guys special?

Release it yourself, you don't always need a label.
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