Ok, I have a simple question:

Does ANY music store from the USA ship gear to europe, concretely to spain?

If anybody knows please tell me

Otherwise, if that isn't posible, is there any way to bring a guitar from USA?

I don't know any that do, but pretty much anything you buy is going to have insane shipping to you and most likely wouldn't be worth the price.
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Mate, the guitar that I want in Europe is 950 Euros, and in the USA its 800 dolars.
800 dollars nowadays are equal to 540 Euros more or less. I think that it would be worth.

I've heard that I can give the USA store a shipping adress from Fedex or UPS or any other shipping company, so the company can send it to me, is that able? Has anybody done so?
Shipping + customs will eat away the price difference. If it had been cheaper to order from the US, the music stores in Europe would have gone out of commission, wouldn't they?
I saw a Left handed Fender Strat on a USA site for £500. But they don't ship to UK so I had to pay £700.

I don't think you'll have much luck, you're just gonna have to pay more. Sucks I know.

Americans get everything!
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