This has happened twice now. My mind was thinking straight forward, doing what it always does, but then my legs/hands randomly start shaking as though I am nervous. What the hell?

The first time this happened I almost got thrown off a bridge (a walking bridge, I was walking and met two guys on it and the one lifted me up and dangled me off the side til the other told him to put me down, I was laughing at it when he put me down, but when I went to walk away I almost fell over my legs were shaking so bad), then yesterday I was reffing hockey, and I noticed the chick I have a crush on was watching the game, and I just thought "awesome" and then put it out of my mind, but for the next 5 minutes or so I couldn't keep my legs steady and almost fell over 3 or 4 times.

What was going on!?!?!?

Quote by joeymaxx
I get like that too

except my heads all over the place.


Maybe you have Parkinsons.
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